This Week in Magazines

  • If a trip to Okinawa is on your mind, then you could do worse than picking up the latest issue of BRUTUS (607), with its look at “The Other Okinawa.” It’s the usual survey of everything you’d want to check out, and they also include a CD with a couple of Okinawan-style tracks.
  • These days it seems that people are much more interested in the architecture of museums, rather than the collections that reside within, and so CASA BRUTUS (82) offers up “The Museum Revolution.” It covers beautifully designed museums from around the world, including the latest, and the upcoming. There’s also a feature on designer Yasumichi Morita, with a fun “Morita Is the New Hero!” piece.
  • The latest issue of PEN (189) is a must-buy for all you techno-fetishists, offering up a survey of the latest and greatest in “Attractive Digital & Electric Gear.”
  • This month’s PLANTED (3) continues the magazine’s focus on all things green, this time with a travel theme, which means tours of a few gardens from around the world.