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Wallpaper* City Guide: Tokyo


The other day I picked up the Tokyo edition of the recently launched “Wallpaper* City Guide” travel series from Phaidon. Looking at the format, I really like what they’ve done, releasing something affordable (only 1000 yen), and quite functional as well — they’ve really done a good job with the way the book gets divided, including tabs, also adding a variety of pages to take notes (blank, lined, and squared). When it comes to the content, it’s pretty much what you would expect to see in something from WALLPAPER*, and I imagine they’ve mostly re-formatted content that has been previously covered in the magazine (which is how they’ve launched with 20 guides, with 40 more out in 2007). It’s a nice product, and I’ll pick up other cities when the opportunity arises (meaning when I go there for travel).