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Jonkenpon offers up another new web app: Pikki, a mobile blogging service. Read more, and view a screencast, here.


On Design for January 2007

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This month’s “On Design” column for THE JAPAN TIMES is in today’s paper (and online here). In it, I cover Kai House‘s Adhoc water dispenser, the Store Bag Store tote, stationery from Craft Design Technology, and Yosuke Watanbe‘s Silhouette lights.

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Juliana 2 Rocked the House



Last night was another great “Juliana” party at Soft in Shibuya, courtesy of Tokyo Fun Party. HOME CUT played an amazing funky disco dance set that had everyone shaking, and Chimidoro performed a lively set that was much appreciated by the crowd. I’m of course not forgetting Juliana resident DJs Digiki, SoccerBoy, and KazuNoco — great night guys!

On top, HOME CUT, bringing down the house, with Brad catching it all on video. Bottom, Chimidoro in action.


This Week in Magazines


  • The latest issue of PAPER SKY (20) wants to show you how to “Get Warm in the Cold,” by way of a feature on Aomori, with lots of nice onsen picks that will make you wish you could be soaking right now.
  • EYESCREAM (2007/02) offers up a “My Best Issue,” which means various creators share lists of their favorite things.
  • MAC POWER (206) goes “Hybrid,” which is how they present the attitude required for a new creative lifestyle — think combining themes or ideas in your life. There’s also an interview with Toru Hashimoto, of Cafe Après-midi, Suburbia Suite, and Free Soul fame.
  • This month’s REAL DESIGN (9) announces that it’s time to “Change Your Business Office.” It’s a survey of attractive Japanese work spaces — mostly of designers — and also features that too-cool-for-school funky setup of Assistant (with a Snapazoo in the picture!)
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4 Little Joeys


Enjoy the “4 Little Joeys“ segment from Kiiiiiii‘s DVD.


21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Talk Vol. 4


The 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT has another talk up on their site, discussing the future of design. Just over 2 months before the opening!


New Products from Kyouei Design


Kyouei Design has just announced 4 new products that will be sold from April: Ha Na Ta Te, Kaki, Air Necklace, and Chandelier Bulb.


Mobile Stationery


The next evolution of stationery? Morphing into mobile phone straps, of course. Get Kokuyo classics such as Pritt glue sticks, Campus notes, and that funky geometric eraser here. Link via Tokyomango.

UpdateLooks like this collection of Putimo Hi-Tec-C mini-pens would accompany the rest quite nicely.


Muji in New York

Finally, Muji is taking a serious retail step in the US — their MoMA Design Store corner doesn’t really count — with the opening of two stores in New York later this year.

Muji are planning to open two new stores in NYC this year. The brand that has become synonymous in Europe for brilliantly simple Japanese design will open two outlets in the U.S. between July and December, stocking a full range of the company’s clothing, stationery and household products. Plans for the stores are not expected to be officially announced by February, so information is currently very limited. (fashion.psfk)

Elephant Design at PingMag


PingMag interviews Elephant Design, covering their online service CUUSOO SEIKATSU.