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Big news for Patrick Macias, who’s back in town now.

Sovereign Media Inc., an active interest niche magazine publishing company that publishes SCI FI — the official magazine of the SCI FI Channel, is launching Otaku USA Magazine in June. Patrick Macias, a correspondent for the NHK World Television show Tokyo Eye and author of Cruising the Anime City: an Otaku Guide to Neo-Tokyo, and Tokyoscope: The Japanese Cult film companion, will be editing the new magazine, which he described as follows: “Each issue of OtakuUSA will be oversized 9 x 10 7/8, with a poster bound in the center spread, and a DVD inserted onto the front cover, with full- length Anime features and game demos. In addition, each issue of Otaku USA will include a full manga feature, printed as a pull-out section. My aim is to make Otaku USA the best, most comprehensive Japanese pop culture magazine in the marketplace.”

The typical issue of Otaku USA, which will have a cover price of $9.99 ($11.99 in Canada), will be at least 150 pages long and printed in full color on glossy paper. The bimonthly magazine will cover manga, anime, computer games and J-Pop, and it will be written by an American staff from an American point of view.

Curtis Circulation Company, a division of Hachette, will be handling all national and international newsstand distribution of the magazine. Using Curtis’ connections Sovereign Media has purchased checkout display pockets at every Borders, Barnes & Noble, Walden Books, Hastings and Books-a-Million in the U.S. According to Sovereign Media’s CEO Mark Hintz, “Our targeted first issue distribution is well in excess of 125,000 copies.”