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PauseTalk Vol. 10

Last night’s PauseTalk, held for a 10th time, also marked an anniversary of sorts (and something I only realized as I got to the cafe), since the first one took place a year ago, almost to the day (June 5, 2006). It was another interesting mix of people, and for the first time in a while we had a few presentations, by designers Chris Kirby and Bianca Beuttel. Following is the list of participants, and please take note that the next edition will take place July 2.

Adrian Favell (Researcher)
Anna Lena von Helldorff (Graphic Designer)
Bianca Beuttel (Product Designer)
Chris Kirby (Industrial Designer)
David D’Heilly (Curator)
Denis Goguen (Interactive Designer)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Joe Keenan (Graphic Designer)
Jose Luis Olivares (Illustrator)
Josh McKible (Illustrator)
Joshua Wolf Shenk (Writer)
Melanie Feindt (Art Director)
Stefan Riekeles (Event Organizer)
Tim Rudder (Animator)