This Week in Magazines


  • In this month’s issue of TITLE (92), it’s “Go! Go! Title Railway,” with a VIA Railway train — that’s Canada’s national railway — on the cover. They go over a few national railways inside, as well as some famous trains, routes, and, well, pretty much everything that relates to train travel. I really liked the look at the train bento — me and the wife always look forward to these when we take the train somewhere.
  • CASA BRUTUS (90) offers part 2 of their look at “Traditional Japanese Architecture and Design.” It’s a bilingual issue (English/Japanese), meaning the feature gets translated. The insert, also bilingual, acts as a guide to 45 must-see examples of traditional Japanese architecture.
  • I don’t usually cover +DESIGNING in these posts — as the tagline suggests (“Creation & Production Library for Designers”), it veers towards the technical and is aimed at people working in the field — but the latest issue (Vol. 6) offers up a fascinating look at Japanese magazine design, covering every aspect of production.
  • DESIGN NOTE (14), as always, is made up of profiles of various art directors and their work, and this time they focus on photo direction.
  • REAL DESIGN (14) claims that this issue will be all about “White Design,” but it really covers different categories of products in both black and white. I really liked the section on bicycles — I really, really want a new bike…