This Week in Magazines


  • CASA BRUTUS (91) takes on “The New New York,” in a feature that spotlights the latest architectural highlights of the city, and cool spaces to take in on a trip to the city. The insert is a “New York Architecture MUST 100.”
  • I checked the first two issues (the latest, Vol. 2, is the August/September issue) of TOKYO JITENSHAJIN, a nice magazine that presents various bike tour ideas in and around Tokyo, as well as general bike info. I really like how a lot of the tours are presented, in a drawn, sorta cartoony style. Some nice ideas for routes to experience.
  • STUDIO VOICE (382) celebrates a “Fashion Photobook Wonderland,” so a round-up of the best in fashion photography books. I was disappointed to see them spotlight the new Crocs Aoyama store. “Comfy and Colorful!!” Aaaarghhh…
  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (624) focuses on traditional Japanese art.
  • PEN (206) has one of its giant fashion issues, this time for the 2007 Fall/Winter collections.
  • MAC POWER (213) offers up an “iTunes Playlist Collection,” enlisting contributions from various creators.