Radio OK Fred at Celine Omotesando #3

Yup, we’re doing it again tonight (November 3, 18:00-20:00), a live session of Radio OK Fred at Celine Omotesando, so if you’re in the area stop by again for some drinks, music, and general madness. Thanks again to all the guests who made last night so much fun. Attendance was maybe down compared to the Wednesday show, but I think we had even more fun — and I have newfound respect for W. David Marx and the art of the Powerpoint presentation (we will really try to get that online so you can all see and hear it). Last night’s show will be uploaded sometime today I think, and I’ll update this post with the link when it becomes available.

With all the guest DJs we had last night — with great selections I may add, so thanks to Digiki, Marie, and Micke for being a part of the show, and for the great preview from Marxy’s upcoming album — I only got to play the following 3 tracks:

  • Holland – “Anorexic Colt Herd” (from LOVE FLUXUS)
  • Shugo Tokumaru – “Clocca” (from EXIT)
  • Thee Headcoatees – “Wild Man” (from GIRLSVILLE)

I’ve prepared over 20 tracks for tonight. Since we won’t have as many guests tonight, I’ll probably get to play more of my selections. For more info on the event, see previous posts (here and here).