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Gaffer Tape Typography at Nippori Station


When I went to and came back from Narita airport last week for my trip to Taipei, I passed through Nippori station, where I spotted plenty of great gaffer tape signs (the station is currently undergoing major renovations). I’m guessing it was done by Shuetsu Sato, who is famous for his previous tape signs at Shinjuku Station.







PingMag MAKE: Maruni Wood Industry


I included the new Maruni Collection by Naoto Fukasawa in my latest “On Design” column, and now I find that PingMag MAKE covers the company behind the line, Maruni Wood Industry, in their latest article.


On Design for January 2008


This month’s edition of “On Design” was published this week in THE JAPAN TIMES, and covered the new Maruni Collection by Naoto Fukasawa, Yuta Watanabe‘s Peg Pencil, the Tatamet collapsible helmet, Le Bain in Nishi-Azabu, and a look at the Kokuyo Design Award 2007.

Design MoCo Loco

This Week at MoCo Loco


My weekly Tokyo post at MoCo Loco is up, this time covering Hideaki Tanaka’s BitWatch, the Information Ring, and news on Nosigner.


Happening in Tokyo

  • February 2 and 3 you can catch a program of classic Japanese cinema, “Rediscovery of YAMAMOTO Satsuo” (it’s part 9 in “The Japan Foundation Film Series”), at OAG Haus (next to the Canadian Embassy) in Akasaka. Films will be shown with English subtitles, with entry at only 600 yen per screening. You’ll find the schedule and additional details here.
  • This Friday (January 25) sees the opening of a new bookstore and publishing company, Shibuya Publishing Booksellers. The party is from 18:00 to 22:00.
  • Just a reminder that next Tuesday (January 29, 19:00-22:00) sees the “Hitotoki Hitoban” event/party at the Pink Cow in Shibuya. I’ll be reading the story I wrote for the site.

New Style for QP


Patrick Benny thinks street artist QP has started a new series. More info and photos here.

Fashion Meta Stores

Cafe Pause T Gallery: Burn Suburbia


We have some new t-shirts for sale at the Cafe Pause T Gallery, five designs from Burn Suburbia. Each design is inspired by (and created in) a particular city.


From left: Tokyo (XS and S), Toronto (S and M), London (S and M), Phoenix (S), and Brooklyn (S and M).

Unlike previous collections, you can also order these through me (by paypal, to Each design is sold at 3500 yen, plus 500 yen for shipping (anywhere). Stock is very limited, so please check with me before ordering to see if your size is still available.


Creative GBG Contest Winners


The results are in, and below is the list of 8 winners for our Creative GBG contest:

  • Joe
  • Joseph Keenan
  • Julian Littler
  • Paul Baron
  • Ian Walker
  • Patrick Benny
  • Meri Joyce
  • Nadia Gisler

We have 24 items to hand out. Each winner gets to choose 3 items from the list below, so please get in touch to let me know what you want as your prize. First come first serve, so if what you want is already taken, you’ll need to substitute. I will prepare gift packs at Cafe Pause with your name on it, which you can pick up anytime.

Here are the prize items:

  • 1 copy of the TALENT COMMUNITY DVD (shorts by Lars Nilsson)
  • 6 copies of Karl Larsson’s FORM FORCE (book design by Methams Pool — the smaller red-ish book pictured in image #3 above)
  • 5 copies of OEI NONSENS (book design by Methams Pool — the large book pictured in image #3 above)
  • 3 photos by Daniel Grizelj (pictured in image #4 above)
  • Elvine jacket (size S)
  • Elvine pants (size 31)
  • Elvine t-shirt (size M)
  • Elvine black jeans (size 27)
  • Elvine ladies shirt (size S)
  • 3 Elvine hats
  • Nudie Cafe t-shirt by PMKFA

Goro Fujita

Have a look at the portfolio site of Goro Fujita for lots of very nice sci-fi inspired illustrative work. Via

Art Tokyo Walking

PingMag: The Ghetto

PingMag heads out to Shin-Okubo to cover The Ghetto, a former love hotel that was turned into a sort of skater cultural center and gallery space.