Neojaponisme: Meta no Tame


Neojaponisme has just launched a new section, a sister blog of sorts, called Meta no Tame. I’ll let our dear leader explain what it’s all about.

Since we set out to make Neojaponisme an austere “journal” and not a fun-town, what’s-up “blog,” the dialogue has somewhat suffered from our limited ability to talk directly and casually to readers. In order to remedy this problem, we have created a new “meta” blog called META no TAME (a palindrome of sorts), located at

On META no TAME, we will offer site news, staff news, links to other articles that we think you should be reading, an introduction to Japanese net resources, calls for feedback/requests, and quite possibly, open threads. Although we can’t promise daily updates, we recommend that core readers add META no TAME to their blogroll or RSS reader. We hope that this new blog-in-blog will increase the amount of content we can provide on a weekly basis as well as create more opportunities to discuss pertinent issues.

Meta Music

Underworld’s Book of Jam 2


Thanks to Yuki for pointing out that I make in appearance in Underworld‘s BOOK OF JAM 2: JAPAN, in the “Wayposts” section on page 47:

An excellent blog to what is currently happening in Tokyo.

Being a big fan of Underworld and all their creative work, this pleases me to no end. You can download the PDF book — which is about Japan and their gigs at Makuhari Messe — for free by registering on the site.

Design Stores

Bape Store Shibuya

The Wonderwall site updates with a gallery of shots of Bape Store Shibuya (13-17 Udagawacho). This month saw the opening of another Bape store designed by Katayama, Bape Store Harajuku (4-21-7 Jingumae).


In the Guardian

I get a nice mention (scroll down) in the Guardian:

When it comes to art, design, fashion, and general avant-gardism in the Japanese capital, the blogosphere yields one clear scene-shaper. Jean Snow is a Tokyo creative svengali whose sitemeter reveals that he currently has 2,479 subscribers — in layman’s terms, his is a seriously popular blog. At first glance it’s difficult to see why – it’s a tad chaotic – but spend some time clicking through the hundreds of links on his site and you’re guaranteed to find something interesting, usually adorned with Snow’s creative fingerprints somewhere or other. He’s the manager of gallery and creative hub Cafe Pause, and the author of the smashing superfuture pdf guide to Tokyo (which cost a well-worth-it $20).

Thanks for the heads-up, Ian!

UpdateIt should be pointed out that I’m the editor of the SUPERFUTURE SUPERGUIDE for Tokyo. The original author is Superfuture founder Wayne Berkowitz.


The Analog Girl in Time


Singapore-based The Analog Girl, who performed last year at Cafe Pause, is included in this week’s issue of TIME (Vol. 171 No. 4, Asian edition), as one of the “Asian Acts to Watch in 2008.” They even mention the Cafe Pause show!

Also, she’s just released a new EP, SOMETIME NEXT GALAXY, which you can purchase here.

UpdateAdded the photo, by Amos Wong, that was provided for the story.

Advertisements Design Web

Good Is Not Enough


Cool use of flash online as a promotion/ad for apartment developer MORIMOTO. It’s a recreation of this TV ad. Via SYTY.


Table Tennis Fashion

Andre Agassi did it in tennis, so why not ping-pong. Naomi Yotsumoto is a pro table tennis player getting a lot of attention for the outfits she wears. I guess she’s pretty good too! More here from Imprint Talk.


From Shibuya-kei to Akiba-kei

aksbOver at the Clast blog, Marxy examines the relationship between Shibuya-kei and the newly-coined Akiba-kei.


HDR in Japan


The shot you see above (taken at the Oazo shopping center near Tokyo station) is part of the Flickr “Japan HDR” group. I’ve seen lots of HDR photography in the past, but never so many that come off as illustrations. Via Boing Boing.


Time: Swatch Japan’s Ginza HQ


I have a piece in this week’s issue of TIME (Vol. 171, No. 3, Asian edition), which you can read online here. It’s on Swatch Japan‘s HQ in Ginza, the Nicolas G. Hayek Center.