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PauseTalk Vol. 18

Thanks to everyone who made it out this week for PauseTalk Vol. 18. It was a terrific group, and I thank Jason DeGroot for surprising me with his presentation of FEZ, a game he’s been contributing to for a few months now, and Max Hodges for taking photos during the event, something I always forget to do properly (I’ve started a Flickr photo pool here). The pre-PauseTalk ramen run at nearby Ippudo was good fun as well, and we ended up fitting all seven together at one table. The next edition happens March 3, with a start time of 20:00 (and a ramen run at 19:00, meeting in front of the cafe). Below is the list of participants from last night’s edition:

Anna Antoniades (Fashion Designer)
Bianca Beuttel (Product Designer)
Chris Kirby (Industrial Designer)
Chris Palmieri (Web Designer)
David Tang (Engineer)
Gozi (Fashion Designer)
Jason DeGroot (Musician)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Joe Keenan (Graphic Designer)
Jose Luis Olivares (Illustrator)
Keiji Ashizawa (Architect)
Laura Lewis (Accessory Designer)
Lauren Elkin (Writer)
Linde Richter (Graphic Designer)
Max Hodges (Publisher)
Michael Mahoney (Writer)
Paul Baron (Designer)
Shantell Martin (Illustrator)
Tomoko Okazaki (Publisher)
Verena Dauerer (Editor)