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Imprint Culture Lab 2008


Imprint will be be bringing the Imprint Culture Lab 2008 conference to LA on October 1, with over 20 creatives giving talks, and a keynote by, get this, Kenya Hara!

Organized in response to the groundswell of recognition and criticism surrounding cultlike enthusiasm for pop cultural artifacts, Imprint Culture Lab 2008 convenes the latest and greatest dignitaries of global design, innovation, and marketing.
The 2008 conference will be keynoted by Kenya Hara, most notably the art director for Japan’s only high design/discount prices (non-)brand, MUJI. Hara has transformed the way the Japanese have approached design, by making it recognizable to the everyman, and has been the curator and creative director of some of the world’s most alternately populist and cutting edge exhibitions at the crossroads of art and design.

You can buy tickets here, which you should soon since they are limited.