Month: February 2009

  • "Light – Light" in Tokyo

    Curiosity‘s “Light – Light” installation, first shown in Milan last year, is now on show at a Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo until April 5. Designboom only mentions that it’s at the Louis Vuitton store in Shibuya-ku, which I assume would be the flagship store on Omotesando.

  • PauseTalk Vol. 28

    Yes, I’m extremely late with my write-up on the February 2009 edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 28), but then again, it gives me the opportunity to plug the next edition, which happens this coming Monday (March 2, from 20:00 at Cafe Pause). I’d like to thank everyone who came to the last one and made it…

  • Working: Postalco

    Tramnesia adds another great video to its “Working” series. It’s another international couple — following Knee High Media — this time Mike and Yuri Abelson, who run the stationery brand/company Postalco. I’ve seen their products all over the city, but didn’t realize they had a shop of their own — it’s in Kyobashi — which…

  • We Don’t Need Fake!!!

    Josh McKible is busy: on top of the recent poster for Cafe Pause and label for the original tea blend, now he’s also collaborating with papercraft legend Shin Tanaka. Josh was invited to participate — along with six other designers — in a project called “We Don’t Need Fake!!!” To help keep things “real and…

  • The Design Entrepreneur

    Design aficionados take note: Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, co-authors of the book The Design Entrepreneur, are giving a free lecture at Spazio in Ebisu on March 13. More details on the sign-up page.

  • Paranomia

    Another great show at Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama, this time “Paranomia,” featuring collaborative works by Chinese artist Chi Peng and creative director Kensui Arao. It runs until May 10.

  • This Week at MoCo Loco

    My weekly Tokyo post for MoCo Loco is up, this time covering Mile‘s “Whose Leg?” mini-lampshade, Nendo‘s exhibition in NYC (above), and Hidetoshi Takahashi’s Cara and Kami wooden cups.

  • The New King of Combini in Tokyo

    According to Japan Probe, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is about to purchase rival chain AM/PM. 7-11 remains the monster chain in Japan, but in Tokyo at least, the new deal would give Lawson 1,795 stores versus 7-11’s 1,602. I love my Japanese convenience stores, oh yes I do.

  • Cafe Pause 5th Anniversary Party Photos

    As promised, a few photos taken at the party we had for the 5th anniversary of Cafe Pause last Saturday. All photos were taken by Kei Suzuki — he was responsible for the visual/sound performance.

  • Hiroaki and Takaaki Koshiba

    Following Saturday night’s amazing 5th anniversary party at Cafe Pause — I’ll get photos up soon — on Sunday night we were treated to another performance by painter Hiroaki Koshiba, accompanied on guitar by his brother, Takaaki Koshiba. Photos taken on iPhone using the Toy Camera app.