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Japanese Memoscapes

Designer Bianca Beuttel has been a good friend of PauseTalk over the years — since Vol. 1, actually — and in just over a month she’s leaving Tokyo for the calmer climes of Kyoto. Before she leaves though she’s having an exhibition at Cafe Pause called “Japanese Memoscapes” (March 9-15). It involves the use of memo pads she has designed, which will also be sold during the exhibition. If you visit the exhibition website, you can see what the pages look like — that’s one of them above. I’m participating by filling up one with my scribbles, which will then join the exhibition.


Esquire Japan No More

Yes, the magazine industry is hurting in Japan just as much as anywhere else. I’ve been told — so feel free to treat this as a rumor — that the Japanese edition of Esquire is about to cease publication. And that same person was telling me that circulation numbers in general are hurting, and so it sounds like we shouldn’t be too surprised to see more closures if things don’t improve in the coming months. Esquire in Japan is actually a decent magazine — it’s much more Brutus than Esquire US.

Also, an update on the news I posted a few weeks ago about the demise of Kateigaho International Edition. The magazine as we know it has indeed ended — the current issue is the last — but later this year it will continue as a translation of the original Japanese edition. Believe me, fans of KIE will not want this upcoming edition.


Number (N)ine No More

Takahiro Miyashita’s recent collection for Number (N)ine — shown last month in Paris — will be the line’s last. Via Mekas.

Games Music

Beat Crusaders Vs. LittleBigPlanet

The Beat Crusaders devote the video for their latest single, “Phantom Planet,” to last year’s LittleBigPlanet. Great use of the band’s trademark face masks. Thanks, Ola.

Design Tokyo Walking

Tokyo Railway Map and Calendar

Absolutely stunning poster of the Tokyo railway system by Korean designer Zero Per Zero, that acts as a map and a calendar. I’ve seen the full-size version of last year’s edition — it hangs at the AQ offices — and it looks even better when seen up close. You can purchase it online through White Rabbit Press.


High-Speed Mario

Someone playing Super Mario Bros. in high-speed, and describing his play — I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh. Via Destructoid.

Update (16/12/11): The video is no longer available.

Cafes Events Meta

Cafe Pause 5th Anniversary Party

Just a reminder that Cafe Pause‘s 5th anniversary party — which I posted about earlier this week — happens tomorrow night (Saturday, February 21). Entry is free, and doors open at 19:00, with live acts starting at 20:00 (there are three scheduled, with Taichi playing third at around 21:00), and the cafe will be open until midnight. For people who Facebook, here’s the event page. Come join us!

Design Stores

Reed Space Tokyo

Curious to see what the interior of Reed Space in Tokyo looks like? Dezeen posts an extended gallery. The design is by Upsetters Architects.

Update: Thank you Paul for reminding us that, yes, Reed Space in Tokyo actually closed last year.


Yaoki Shochu

Digging the modern typography — and overall packaging — for Yaoki shochu, courtesy of Dentsu Kyushu. Via Spoon & Tamago.


Cycling Rocks

One bright effect from the recession: cycling in Japan is on the rise. The Y’s Road shop mentioned in the article is my regular bike shop.