Month: March 2009

  • Tokyo Fucking City

    Me taking a shot with my iPhone of some street art in Ebisu. Photo by Erika Nishizato.

  • 101TOKYO Under Construction

    Spotted on Facebook: the 101TOKYO event space being put together. The show itself runs April 2-5 at Akiba Square (inside the UDX building) in Akihabara, and make sure to drop by Thursday evening (April 2, 18:00-20:00) for a special edition PechaKucha Night hosted by our very own Mark Dytham.

  • Tokyo by Tokyo

    I posted about it over at PechaKucha Daily last week — where you can see a few images from a PKN presentation — but I certainly need to mention here as well Claska‘s new bilingual (English/Japanese) pocket cityguide, Tokyo by Tokyo. The idea was to invite 70 creatives — our good friend Marxy is even…

  • Brokenfotografy

    I think Warren really is onto something when he talks about 2009 as the year of POD (print-on-demand). I’ve seen quite a few very nice projects take that route of late, and the latest is by Tokyo-based photographer Stephen Lebovits. His Brokenfotografy – Volume 1 is now being offered through Blurb.

  • Gelmannica 2009

    Celebrated designer and media artist Gelman has been tied into Tokyo’s electronic music scene for a while now — through his associations with Minimal Tokyo and his “Gelman Lounge” events — and now he’s bringing things to a new level with the inaugural edition of Gelmannica, “the first international festival for electronic music and media…

  • PechaKucha Head

    I posted about this the other day on PechaKucha Daily, but wanted to mention it here too. Jesper and the NCM crew — to help celebrate last week’s 60th edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo — created a cool web app that turns every one into a PechaKucha Head, courtesy of that great Namaiki-designed logo.

  • 20 Japanese Architects

    20 Japanese Architects is a new book by Roland Hagenberg that covers, well, 20 Japanese architects and their works through a series of interviews. Now for the bad news, it seems that the English/Chinese tome is currently only available in Taiwan, and there is no way — for now — to order it online. Via…

  • Harajuku MTG Point

    How’s this for a stark space. “Harajuku MTG Point” is a meeting room for a design agency by Upsetters Architects. Dezeen posts more photos.

  • This Week at MoCo Loco

    This week’s Tokyo post for MoCo Loco covers Amadana‘s SAL pocket video camera, Corga‘s collection of leather accessories, and Sotaro Miyagi‘s Wine Bottle Bag for hmny.

  • The Physical Value of Sound

    Designboom covers Yuri Suzuki‘s “The Physical Value of Sound” exhibition, now on at Clear Gallery in Roppongi. It runs until May 2.