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PauseTalk Vol. 30

It wasn’t the insane turnout from last month, but the twenty or so participants for this month’s edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 30) contributed to a better talk — where everyone can join in — even if things did get more opiniated and heated than they usually do. I think everyone got a lot out of the discussions we had — which veered a lot towards photography this time out — and I must thank everyone who attended and contributed to a great evening. Huge thanks also to Martin Holtkamp for the photos — I’ve included a few in this post, but you’ll find more in the photo section of the PauseTalk group on Facebook.

Please note that next month’s edition (Vol. 31) will be held on May 11, which is the second Monday of the month — I’m pushing it back to avoid conflict with the Golden Week holiday. Below, a partial list of participants — please email me if I missed you (I’m always bad at collecting everyone’s contact info).