PauseTalk Grows

Yes, PauseTalk has indeed been growing, as seen with the attendance at the March and May editions, and so after having a talk with Cafe Pause‘s manager last night, we’ve decided that for the next edition (Vol. 32 on June 1, from 20:00) the cafe will be exclusively used for PauseTalk. This should mean seating for everyone, and also a slightly different layout, to try and make sure that everyone can be included in the discussions.

As always, I do appreciate getting an idea of how many people to expect, so feel free to email me if you plan on coming, or just indicate if you are coming or not when I send out the monthly reminders through Facebook — you’ll find the PauseTalk group here.

Update: I think some people are getting the impression that the larger attendance is a problem — or rather that I have a problem with it — but on the contrary, I’m fully embracing the growth in interest, and just want to make it more comfortable for everyone. The larger crowds also create a nice “after lounge” once the official session is over.