PKN vs. PT

Well, sort of. For tomorrow night’s edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo (Vol. 62) at SuperDeluxe — or tonight (May 27), depending on when you read this — I helped Tomoko curate by suggesting a few presenters who, ahem, just so happen to be PauseTalkers (with one exception). Names you will recognize if you check those PauseTalk attendance reports I post:

  • Josh McKible: He’ll give us the lowdown and the latest happenings in the world of NaniBird (and I imagine an intro to urban papercraft in general).
  • Eric Chan: He’ll take us on a tour of his “Tokyo Tour,” which I’m sure will include his recent exhibition at Cafe Pause.
  • Mark Cooke: This should be amazing. Mark took up the challenge of creating 10 games in under 10 hours. Witness the results.
  • Keiji Ashizawa: I just wonder how he’ll fit everything he’s done in only 20 slides!
  • Anna Antoniades: With one of her fashion projects entitled “Nana + Seven,” and the fact that she has a fascination with the number 27, it seems like her participation was meant to happen (remember, May 27).
  • Audrey Fondecave: Audrey has never attended PauseTalk, but how could I not invite my fellow Radio OK Fredder, especially with a new book out.