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PauseTalk Vol. 32

Another PauseTalk (Vol. 32), another great audience. Seems like the new plan to reserve Cafe Pause for the event was justified since we again ended up with a 30+ crowd, and the new table arrangement — a pixelated triangle, courtesy of the cafe’s manager — made for a better round-table discussion. We covered quite a few interesting topics and projects, and got a nice preview of Patrick W. Galbraith‘s upcoming The Otaku Encyclopedia, out in Japan later this month.

Something else I tried for the first time was to have an attendance sheet (pictured above), since I’ve had trouble in the past in remembering everyone’s name for these posts. The list is still incomplete, but is much better than what I would have come up with on my own. Huge thanks also to Remo Camerota for the great photos posted in this entry — take a look also at some examples of his “Polaroid Project.” The next PauseTalk happens July 6.