Meeting Modernity: A Night of Neojaponisme

If you’re a regular reader of Néojaponisme, then you’re probably already familiar with Ian‘s series of found photography which he’s been releasing under the “Meeting Modernity” banner (since it “documents Japan as it engaged with modernization and commercial photography in the Meiji and Taisho Periods”). The photos have already been on the road with shows in LA and Portland, and it’s finally time for a showing in Tokyo, set to happen Friday, July 31 at the SO+BA gallery in Kyodo.

The great thing about the opening for the Tokyo exhibition is that the entire Néojaponisme staff will be on hand — expect a “smattering of presentations” — and yes, I’ll be there too, making my debut as the evening’s music selector (or as Ian describes me, “Funkmaster DJ Jean Snow on the wheels of steel”). See this post on META no TAME for more details, and please join us for “a night of night of presentations, discourse, music, and booze!”