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Meeting Modernity: A Night of Neojaponisme

If you’re a regular reader of N√©ojaponisme, then you’re probably already familiar with Ian‘s series of found photography which he’s been releasing under the “Meeting Modernity” banner (since it “documents Japan as it engaged with modernization and commercial photography in the Meiji and Taisho Periods”). The photos have already been on the road with shows in LA and Portland, and it’s finally time for a showing in Tokyo, set to happen Friday, July 31 at the SO+BA gallery in Kyodo.

The great thing about the opening for the Tokyo exhibition is that the entire N√©ojaponisme staff will be on hand — expect a “smattering of presentations” — and yes, I’ll be there too, making my debut as the evening’s music selector (or as Ian describes me, “Funkmaster DJ Jean Snow on the wheels of steel”). See this post on META no TAME for more details, and please join us for “a night of night of presentations, discourse, music, and booze!”

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The latest paper bird to join Josh’s NaniBird collection is James Kay‘s GameBirdTM, which is his take on the NaniBird form factor meeting up with the original GameBoy. James — a fellow PauseTalker — is a Tokyo-based game developer, and runs the independent Score Studios.

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Graniph + Josef Muller-Brockmann

Graniph is doing another series of tees based on master typographers — the first was Emil Ruder — this time inspired by the works of Josef Muller-Brockmann. Dezeen is running a contest where you can win all six, with all of the designs on display.

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Kokeshi: From Folk to Art Toy

I’ve always been a fan of the traditional Kokeshi wooden dolls, but I think I may like the modern reinterpretations from the “Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy” exhibition in LA even more. Cool Hunting interviews the curator of the show, Christina Conway, and shows quite a few of the featured dolls in the process.

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PauseTalk Skip Month

I wasn’t sure yet when we had PauseTalk Vol. 33 earlier this month, but I’ve finally decided that this August will be a skip month for PauseTalk — turnout tends to be lower in August because of the summer holidays. So the next edition will be September 7, which will also mark the start of an exhibition at the cafe to celebrate the recently launched Urban Paper book, which I’m organizing with Josh.

The photo above is courtesy of Julie Forgues. I’ll post a few more photos when I get around to the list of participants from Vol. 33, which should be up later this week.

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Un/Built Store

From Assistant and Cyril “bovine mutilator” Duval (Item Idem), the Un/Built Store, a store concept entirely made up of shoe boxes — the store naturally disappears as shoes are sold. The project was featured in issue #926 of Domus.

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Zine’s Mate Opening

TABlog posts a nice round-up of photos from last week’s opening of the “Zine”s Mate” book fair. A few friends pop up, including Ega (above), who was supporting his OK Fred-produced collection of writings.


Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

A selection at this year’s Cannes film festival, Map of the Sounds of Tokyo is an upcoming film directed by Isabel Coixet and starring Rinko Kikuchi (Babel). The film’s official site has a trailer up. Via Luis Mendo.


Polaroid Portrait: Araki

The latest addition to Remo‘s “Polaroid Portraits” project is photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, captured last night at the opening for his exhibition. You can see more photos from the series in this Flickr photoset — mine’s here.

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Kyouei Design T-Shirt

The latest from Kouichi (Kyouei), a collection of 10 hand-made tees now on sale through Designboom’s online shop.