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Jonze Directs Pitt for Softbank

Brad Pitt has been in tons of TV commercials for mobile provider Softbank, but it’s interesting to note that his latest ad — you can watch it here — in which he plays assistant to retired sumo wrestler Musashimaru was directed by Spike Jonze. Via Slashfilm.

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Get That Hot Pepper Out of My Head

This is a commercial that’s been airing recently on TV for the discount/coupon free paper Hot Pepper, featuring Kaela Kimura and Snoopy. I post it because I see it all the time, and am now at a point where it plays automatically in my head when idle. Via Japan Probe.

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Studio Voice RIP

The magazine death trail in Japan continues with yet another victim: apparently, the print version of Studio Voice is going on “hiatus.” Looks like they are going the ART iT route, sticking with online-only for the time being.


Fez. XBLA. 2010.

And it’s official: Polytron‘s Fez will be coming out on XBLA in early 2010. Next, here’s wishing Jason can come back and open a Tokyo branch of Polytron.

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Isolation Unit Updates

Isolation Unit (aka Teruhiro Yanagihara) does a major site update, and it’s looking quite nice.


Tomokazu Matsuyama

Core77 highlights some of the works of NYC-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama.

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This Week at MoCo Loco

My weekly Tokyo post for MoCo Loco is up, this time covering D-BROS‘ Kudamemo (above), and Totonoe‘s File Stand and Dust Box.

Last week I covered Ideaco‘s Blur Vase (above) and Lilliput flower pots, DEROLL‘s cutlery by Makoto Yamaguchi, and Hirota‘s bamboo-inspired glasses and bowls.

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Beijing Superguide

The Superfuture Superguide series of downloadable PDF shopping guides is joined by a new city: enter the Beijing Superguide. Can’t wait to use it on my next trip there. Of course, make sure to grab a copy of the Tokyo Superguide when in town, which I update monthly.

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If you’ve been to PauseTalk, then there’s a good chance you know Joseph Keenan. Probably the person outside of me who has attended the most sessions, it’s been a joy all these years to have him attend — and yes, he became a very good friend as well — and it’s with sadness that we see him leave Japan next week, as he heads back to Australia (although I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again here in a few years).

But before he leaves, I absolutely wanted him to have an exhibition at Cafe Pause to show off the countless sketches that I always see him drawing in his many sketchbooks. “Sketchin'” is now on at the cafe, and runs until this coming Monday, July 6, which coincides with this month’s edition of PauseTalk, the last one Joe will be attending.