Shin Tanaka and NaniBird

This is pretty damn cool: Shin Tanaka, arguably the father of urban papercraft, has contributed a design to Josh’s NaniBird series, in the form of the “Balaclava.”

Architecture Art Events

Nature Factory

Dezeen posts a gallery of architect Makoto Tanijiri‘s new installation at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama. The show runs until January 31.

Design Fashion

Utility Pole

Tokyo Art Beat is carrying a new tee (not part of the regular TAB line) produced by designer duo Noto-Fusai. As the name “Utility Pole” implies, the design not only draws graphically from the theme, but also includes three cables that are stitched into the t-shirt. Utility Pole is just the latest in the duo’s “Shikisai” brand of black ink on white tees.

Design MoCo Loco

This Week at MoCo Loco

My weekly Tokyo post for MoCo Loco is up, this time covering Jun Yasumoto’s Phyto Purification Bathroom (above), Masanori Oji‘s “Baby in Table,” and Norihiko Inoue’s concept phone for Vertu.

Last week I covered the “Touch the Invisibles” installation, Muji’s collaboration with Thonet, and Jin’s Global Standard’s “Notable Creators” line of frames designed by architects.


Macoto Murayama

PSFK shares a gallery of computer-generated flowers by artist Macoto Murayama.


Wasabi Distro

TABlog continues to profile Japan-based zinesters, this time time interviewing expats Andrea Hope, who runs Wasabi Distro, and Stephanie M. Ghadibalo Chinchilla-Kwak.

Film Music

UNITXT u_08-1

A short film called “UNITEXT u_08-1” shot in Tokyo with sounds by Alva Noto, voice by Anne-James Chaton, and directed by Carsten Nicolai. Via Max Hodges.


House in Mitaka

I like the wide openness found inside the House in MItaka by Hidetaka Shirako and Shin Yokoo (OUVI), although I’m not so crazy about the exterior. There’s more to see in this post from Dezeen.


White Box

Stunning short video directed by Makoto Yabuki. Via Motionographer.


On My Back with a Beard

Photo taken during one of the rare times when I’m able to sit down with my corset (which kinda looks like samurai armor, by the way). Doctor said yesterday that I need to be spending pretty much all my time on my back, and only put on the corset when absolutely necessary, and that for at least another few weeks. I definitely don’t want to fuck with the doctor’s orders — I can still have some seriously long-term problems if I’m not careful and the healing doesn’t take.

And yeah, so I have a beard now, for the first time in my life. That photo was taken on Monday or Tuesday, so it’s actually quite a bit longer now. I don’t think it’s something I’ll keep much passed this whole healing thing period, but for now it’s sorta funny.