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PauseTalk Vol. 40

HUGE thanks to everyone who made it out to PauseTalk Vol. 40 tonight to help me celebrate the event’s 4th anniversary. The conversation maybe wasn’t so smooth — due to the turnout of 30 or so — but it was great to see so many people there, and the overall vibe was definitely good. Lots of people were there for the first time, and they mentioned really looking forward to the next edition. And big thanks to Design Festa‘s Stephen Lebovits for treating everyone with tickets to this weekend’s bash at Tokyo Big Sight. Even my dog showed up to help celebrate, and seemed to be quite the hit with those who went outside to hang out with him for a bit.

Since it’s become so difficult to keep track of everyone who comes, I think it’s time to stop with the attendee lists, especially since they are always so incomplete. Also, I mentioned it in passing towards the end, but I’m going to have a special game-themed edition sometime this summer (not a regular edition) with the idea of bringing together people working in the industry. More details to be revealed when we eventually choose a date. The next regular edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 41) happens June 7.

Update: Here are a couple of photos from last night’s event, as well as one of my dog posing with attendees.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.