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SNOW Magazine Cafe

I’ve been a bit quiet on the SNOW Magazine Cafe front, but yes, it’s still happening next month at Cafe Pause (August 1-30), and I’m very happy to reveal the poster for the event. It was designed by my GOOD Inc. compadre, Luis Mendo, and I absolutely love the illustration he came up with. The poster will appear at the entrance to to cafe, and a slightly different version will be used for the flyer (and big thank to Hiyoko Imai for the help with that).

I also have a very exciting new development regarding the event — and SNOW Magazine in general — that is going to be very cool. I’ll announce more soon, but for now let’s just say that it truly embraces the medium that is being celebrated at the exhibition.


Take It Elsewhere

I’ve finally done something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now: Remove the comments section on posts. Now let me start by saying I’ve got absolutely nothing against feedback, and quite the opposite, I’ve always enjoyed receiving it — there have been 14,500 comments posted to this site since its launch back in 2002 (and far too much spam to mention) — and that goes for feedback that comes through Twitter as well. It just somehow feels like a vestige of another era, and to be honest, the number of comments that are posted here has definitely gone down over the past year or so, especially following the launch of SNOW Magazine.

The thing that inspired me to make the change was seeing how Information Architects deals with comments on its site. It doesn’t. iA only adds a link to its Twitter account, and for those who followed the passionate discussion that followed Oliver’s first impressions of WIRED Magazine on the iPad, you’re well aware that it certainly didn’t hurt any, and in fact it was quite interesting to see where those discussions ended up taking place (on Twitter and on Flickr, as well as on other blogs).

So I’ve pretty much done the same, and now at the bottom of every post you’ll simply find an invitation to offer feedback through Twitter or Facebook. I’m really interested to see how it’ll all work, and welcome you to get in touch that way — and active as I am on Twitter, you’re bound to hear from me faster than you would here on the site. Of course, another bonus to this is that I won’t have to deal with comment spam anymore — YES!

I’m still unsure if it’s something I want to do for SNOW Magazine, but I am considering it. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, let’s just take it elsewhere.

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Radio OK Fred on Endtopic

Endtopic has been an amazing supporter of Radio OK Fred, and I absolutely love the cover they created for the post about our last episode (“Robots”).

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Gym Class Magazine

I. Love. Gym Class Magazine. It’s a great indie magazine produced by one Steven Gregor that has been evolving in format since launch, with the latest issue (#6) now in full-color (the two previous issues were done through the Newspaper Club). And you really should pick up “The Magazine Fanboy Issue,” especially if like me, you really are a magazine fanboy (or fangirl). Here’s more on the issue, as well as a video flip-through, and you can buy it here. I’ll have a few issues at next month’s SNOW Magazine Cafe, and I’m also very happy to say that I’m contributing something to the next issue, but probably best not to say what that is just yet.

Also, Steven is on the lookout for some stockists in Tokyo, so if you have some tips and suggestions, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

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PauseTalk Vol. 42

Well, what a great PauseTalk we had this past Monday (Vol. 42), with a terrific group of 36 participants joining up for some good talk, laughs, and maybe even a bit of inspiration (OK, yes, I will make public my complete and utter admiration — and jealousy — of what Craig Mod has been doing of late).

The next PauseTalk (Vol. 43) will happen on the first Monday of next month, as usual, which falls on August 2, and it also doubles as a reception party for the SNOW Magazine Cafe, and will hopefully include lots of magazine-related talk.

As I did last month, I put out an attendance sheet to fill out, and so here is a partial list of attendees (just email me if you want to be added).

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PauseTalk Tonight

It is indeed PauseTalk Vol. 42 tonight (July 5), happening as always at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro from 20:00 (with the space reserved from 19:30). Already looks like we’re going to be a good group, and I know a few ex-PingMagers will be there, so I’m feeling like a post-mortem might be in order.

Above, one of the many photos taken at last month’s edition (Vol. 41), courtesy of Michael Holmes passing around his camera — you can see a gallery here.


Raising My Glass

To my great surprise at the start of PechaKucha Night Vol. 74 last night, Mark and Astrid invited me on stage and handed me a bottle of Moët & Chandon champaign to celebrate 1,000 posts on the PechaKucha Daily blog. Nice. Although I was rather unclassy and ended drinking most of it at a rather rapid pace…