Codex 03

Another week means another episode of the Codex (03). You’ll find the link to download the episode below, as well as the playlist, but remember that you can also find all of this info at the show’s home, and also subscribe to an RSS feed, so as not to miss any future episodes.

Also, as I mention at the end of the show, I’m going to soon introduce a new segment I’m calling “Codex Coda,” in which I invite someone to contribute a short 3-track set to the show. I’ve already asked a few people to do them, and so I’ll be adding them to the show as I start receiving them.

Codex 03 (33MB)

1. Dom – “Burn Bridges”
2. Baths – “Aminals”
3. Lullatone – “The Bathtime Beat”
4. Deep Sea Arcade – “Keep on Walking”
5. The 1900s – “Babies”
6. Tegan & Sara – “Walking With a Ghost”
7. OK Go – “White Knuckles”
8. Of Montreal – “Enemy Gene (ft. Janelle Monae)”
9. Antony and the Johnsons – “Fletta (ft. Bjork)
10. Teddybears – “Chrystal Meth Christian (ft. The Flaming Lips)”