A Happy Kitchen Life

Pictured above is the typical fried egg breakfast I cook myself on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday morning (I often prepare French toasts on the other day). Not the healthiest of meals, absolutely, but it sure tastes good — and it’s pretty much the only real breakfasts I eat all week, with my regular morning food intake taken up by a small cup of yogurt.

I’m also the person who cooks most meals at home — my wife, although not a bad cook, doesn’t tend to do it much — and it often ends up being very simple things, or things that I’m just used to making. That’s going to change.

Although I should have kept this for a New Year’s resolution, I want to start being more creative in the kitchen — and by creative, I simply mean preparing and eating a wider variety of meals. And I’d like them to taste better too.

If you have good yet not overly complex (especially in terms of required ingredients) recipes to suggest — or websites/apps — please do so. I’ll be digging out a few cook books I’ve collected over the years — dusting them off, as they’ve barely been used — and I’ve got the Epicurious app downloaded, as well as the Real Simple Recipes: No Time to Cook? app (from which I’ve already picked out stuff).

Here’s to a better diet, and a happy kitchen life.