LA Game Space

A space. For games.

There are a lot of terrific Kickstarter projects that deserve your attention, and I would need daily posts to describe all of the ones I find interesting. I would like to highlight one in particular though, and it’s for the LA Game Space.

My friend Daniel Rehn is behind the project — along with Adam Robezzoli — and if funded, it promises to be a truly fantastic space.

Here’s the gist:

“LA Game Space is a nonprofit, interdisciplinary center for art, design, and research. Our upcoming space will explore the potential and expand the possibilities of video games through residencies, exhibitions, research labs, speaker series, and workshops.”

There are of course tons of rewards for various levels of contributions, but that’s not really the reason you should think about backing this. It’s a project that anyone who loves and breathes the world of video games should want to see happen.

Read more about the project here, and think about kicking in.