Sharp Service

Sharp TV, sharp service.

We have a 45″ Sharp Aquos TV, a 2006 model that I think we bought in 2007. It’s been a great TV to have, but then a couple of months ago it started acting up.

Occasionaly, almost half of the screen would get darkened — depending what was showing on the screen, you would either see images with strange coloring, or see nothing at all. The amount of time it would do this was getting worse and worse, until recently, when it was consistently doing this whenever the TV was on.

What to do? I’m not really in a position to be able to buy a big new TV right now, so didn’t really know what my options would be, other than getting something cheap and small. But even though it was long out of warranty, we decided to call Sharp to see what they would say.

The Sharp man came. He checked it out, and suggested that the next day they could send someone to pick it up so that they could have a proper look at what the problem would be. They wouldn’t do anything to it until telling us what it would cost — since it might get expensive — but we would need to pay around 4000 yen to get this check done, and they would lend us a smaller TV in the meantime. I agreed.

The following day, another Sharp man came.

I was expecting him just to take the TV, but he brought in his box of tools and some sort of panel, and said that he would take a look and see what he could do, that it would maybe take 30-40 minutes. He proceeded to open the TV and get to work.

And he fixed my TV. For free.

I’m still blown away by this level of service for an old product that is not even under warranty. Based on this alone, I want my next TV to be a Sharp too.

Thank you, Sharp.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.