I love hockey, and I love watching the Canadiens play – something I stopped doing for about 20 years, but got back into last year. The last time I remember really playing a lot of video game hockey is NHL 2K on the Dreamcast – we’d have hockey playing sessions in my living room, using a projector to screen the game on a wall. One of my friends is still an avid player of hockey games, and he’s been urging me to get back into it, and since NHL 14 was on sale recently at a crazy price of $15 on the PSN Store, I bit the bullet and jumped in. So far, I’m having an absolute blast. It took a few games to get used to the modern controls – using the analog sticks to aim and shoot – but once you’re into it, wow, is it ever fun. Although the Ultimate Team mode scares me a bit – basically, you build a team getting players as cards from packs, which you buy using in-game currency, or real cash – but the idea of it is really fun. I look forward to playing more of this online, and to hopefully get to a point where I can beat my friend.