This game happens to be free this week on the App Store, but I bought it over the holidays, and my wife and I ended up having quite a bit of fun with it – in fact, we bought the bundle that includes all 3 games in the series. It’s a text adventure game, to which you are offered binary choices, but what it does differently is that on your playthrough, you’re expected to wait for the character to do something and then get back to you. Although a neat idea, this in fact became a bit annoying, because we both just wanted to play through the game. It was designed to also be played on iWatch – or that might have been the lead platform – so it might be something that works better that way, as you play tiny bits throughout the day, or on your iPhone (we were playing on iPad). But once you’ve died at least once, not only can you go back and go try different branches, but you can also remove the wait time, and so just play straight through. The story is definitely fun – you’re an astronaut who crash lands on a planet – and I look forward to playing the other games in the series.