Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest

I’ve been playing Magic pretty much since its inception, and I was a huge fan of the original Puzzle Quest game, so seeing that there was a game (on iOS) out that combines the two, I was wondering if this would be the Reese’s Pieces of games. Well, it sure is fun, that’s for sure. I really like how they integrated the Magic spells/creatures with the match-3 play of Puzzle Quest – in terms of the gameplay and strategy, I’ll say it becomes a much better game, because there’s more to think about in terms of what spells you want to cast (you can’t exactly select them, but as you draw them, you can arrange the order in which they will be cast, which becomes very important). The only thing I miss is the inclusion of some sort of storyline to tie it all together – sure, the campaign in the original Puzzle Quest wasn’t incredible or anything, but I liked having that context for all the battles.