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Overwatch (Open Beta)

So I got to try out the open beta for Overwatch today – a game I kept getting confused with Battleborn, and vice versa – and let me tell you, it doesn’t take long before you feel just how slick and polished this thing is, in the way Blizzard is just so damn good at doing. Despite the fact that I thought Battleborn’s aesthetic’s were quite nice, there’s just something about Overwatch that feels nicer – maybe it’s a personal taste thing. I also had a lot of fun playing a few matches – although it can be frustrating when you’re playing opposite a team of players who obviously have experience – and tried a few characters, and can see that a lot of the fun of this game would even be in just trying out all of them, as they really do feel unique. In the beta showdown (Battleborn vs. Overwatch), for me, I think Battleborn is the one I would get the most fun out of, and that’s simply because I’m more into playing co-op story missions than mutliplayer deathmatch type stuff. But there’s something special about Overwatch, and I think that’s going to make it hard not to want to get it when it comes out next month.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.