Blogging Again?

What’s this, a bunch of new posts¬†that relate to Tokyo/Japan on the site? Are you blogging regularly about that stuff again?

Consider this a result of me spending the weekend digging into the archives, going through hundreds (thousands, really) of posts, and just kinda wanting to do a bit of it again.

Let’s call it nostalgia blogging, maybe?

I see it more as a sort of guest blogging exercise, think “Shark Week.” One of the many surprises I discovered on the site was that I had actually initiated¬†a couple of guest blogging stints on the site back in 2003 — my very good friend (and event-producing partner, as we produced a bunch of design exhibitions during “Swedish Style” in Tokyo together) Jesper Larsson had done a bunch of posts under the “Next Century Modern Blog” banner (Next Century Modern was his production company at the time — and you gotta love that he created some ending credits when they closed shop).

So yeah, it’s just that. Probably.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.