Tag: Japan

  • Gener8ion

    I’m not quite sure how to describe the Tumblr called Gener8ion — 80s/90s retro Japan? — but I just know that I love the visuals on display.

  • Latest Trends in the Japanese Mobile Game Industry

    If you’re curious about where Japanese mobile gaming has been over the past year and where it’s trending, here’s a great report by Motoi Okamoto to fill you in on what’s up.

  • Retro Gaming Shopping Tips

    Things have changed a lot when it comes to shopping for classic games in Japan — Akihabara isn’t filled with all the gems you used to find (or at the bargain prices you remember) — and so it’s great to find a post like the one written by Steve Lin, that gives a good idea of…

  • The Year of Nothing

    Néojaponisme has tended to end the year with a collection of short pieces by a bevy of collaborators (including me), looking back at some of the top ideas, topics, and themes that marked Japan that year. This year, as David shares in this essay, nothing much happened, and that’s OK. He also ends with a…

  • Let’s Speak English, The Book

    I wasn’t aware of the web comic by Mary Cagle that this Kickstarter book project draws from, but from what I’m seeing on the Kickstarter page, it looks like a real fun series (as evidenced by the strip above). We are definitely many to have experienced the joys of teaching English in Japan (I did…

  • Record Day 2016

    The West has Record Store Day, but for Japan, November 3 is “Record Day,” and for this year’s edition, Patrick shares some of his picks of special vinyl releases — you’ll find the full list of releases here.

  • Japan Expo 70 Stamp Poster

    I really love this poster that brings together pavilion stamps relating to Japan’s 1970 Expo. Designed by Alessandro Rinaudo, it’s a Kickstarter project with 2 weeks left, and currently at about 60% of its goal.

  • Kizuna in Kobe

    The Creators Project has a nice piece up on the making of a street art project in Kobe, “Kizuna” by Sam Rodriguez. You’ll find more photos of the piece and the making of it on Sam’s Instagram account.

  • For Honor Alpha in Japan

    It’s been incredibly exciting for me this week to see our game, For Honor, get a live debut in Japan through our Alpha event that kicked off yesterday — following a similar event in North America and Europe last month. To all my friends in Japan, if you’d like to play the game, it’s available now…

  • Oink Games

    I’ve been on a card/board game kick of late — my wife suggested she’d like to play some with me, and so I went out and picked up a few things that I thought might be good for us to play (Hanabi, Sushi Go, The Hobbit Card Game, Mr. Jack Pocket, Art of War —…