Sound x Vision


This looks like it’s going to be really nice.

The exhibition, Sound x Vision features more than 20 leading creators in the realms of both sound and visuals. Developed from the theme, ‘Media Harmony’, the exhibition will be held at cultural institutions in 4 major cities of Japan.

Date: 9/11 – 12/12 2004
Site: Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai), YCAM (Yamaguchi), Laforet Harajuku
(Tokyo), Grafmediagm (Osaka) and more.

Participating artists:
Cornelius(JPN)/Buffalo Daughter(JPN)/Funkstorung(GER)
Rechenzentrum(GER)/Alva Noto a.k.a. Carsten Nicolai(GER)
Snd (UK) / Jan Jelinek (GER) / So (GER)
Patrick Pulsinger (Vienna) / Enlightenment (JPN)
Motohiko Odani (JPN) / Naohiro Ukawa (JPN)
Groovisions (JPN) / Marok [Lodown] (GER) / Meso (GER)
Dextro (Vienna) / TRICO DESIGN LOVE ! (JPN) and more.

Link via LDK.

Design Events

Yoshimaru Shin

10Waste away the hours by having a look at Japanese designer Yoshimaru Shin’s superbly titled YOSHIRUMACHINE site. Seems like he’s involved in the organization of quite a few events, like a recent one for the band Tennis Coats (and their label Majikick), and an upcoming one (July 18) at Uplink Gallery for 360records’ Miroque. Credit for the info goes to Hanada Kinya.

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Danish Posters


A while back I moblogged and blogged about going to the Danish Posters exhibit at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. It was quite nice, as you can tell by some of the pics here.

Shots taken with the A5403CA mobile phone.

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Tokumaru Shugo in Koenji Again

A quick heads up to and upcoming Tokumaru Shugo live show at Enban in Koenji on July 1. It’s something called “Den-Den Mushi Night,” presented by Majikick Records. Show starts at 7, and it’s only 1000 yen. Alas, it’s another one of those early weekday shows that I can’t attend…

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The Ginza Apple


Let’s celebrate the return of my iMac (and TB.Grafico) with a couple of shots of the Apple Store in Ginza.

Shots taken with the A5403CA mobile phone.

Update: Patrick lets us know that Towa Tei will be giving a talk there this Thursday (June24). It’s actually part of a SAL magazine event that “will introduce the ‘AudioVisual Japan’ DVD which is a live visual version of SAL magazine (Vol.10 & Vol.11 issues) featuring talk shows as well as DJ/VJ scenes with many creators.” It starts at 7.

Art Events

Propaganda at Todai

I should maybe go have a look at this thing: “Propaganda 1904-1945: Between Modernism and Totalitarianism.” It’s at Todai’s University Museum, at the Hongo campus, so it would be easy enough to drop by next time I go there with Yuko. Admission is free. The ASAHI SHIMBUN has an article on the show.


Aqui Uzumaki

artwork2I got my copy of the SONIDO UZUMAKI compilation the other day (more info in my previous post), and am really enjoying it. I can’t really comment on my favorite artists/tracks as I’ve just been listening to it on my iPod (with my iMac’s HD being dead, it means I can’t really listen to music at home until I get it replaced; it also brings up the fact that the iPod’s remote really should display track info, like the one’s that come with MD players). The thing about this release is that it forms the soundtrack to a group art show called “Aqui Uzumaki,” and I just learned that the thing is still being held now at the Hanna gallery in Ginza. Had I known, I certainly would have checked it out when I was in the area last weekend. The following link from Mumbleboy’s site has all the info. It’s on until August 23, so still plenty of time to check it out.

Design Events

British Design in Japan

In an attempt to boost Japanese interest in British design and creativity, the British Embassy and British Council are organizing Design U.K., a festival to be held across the country from the end of September throughout October, according to the embassy.

The festival of British design will comprise a wide range of events, some of which will also be part of Tokyo Designers Week and Tokyo Designers Block, events that cover all kinds of designs: interiors, furniture, textiles and even semiconductors.

British design is recognized worldwide, particularly for its diversity and high quality, according to Jane Owen, director of trade promotion at the British Embassy.

More than 30 events will take place between Sept. 27 and Oct. 30 in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Sapporo, Shizuoka and Fukuoka, and about 400,000 people are expected to participate in the festival.

Among scheduled events are First Hand 2, an exhibition featuring the latest products in the British interior and furniture industry, and Twinkle Twinkle, which will focus on lights created by British designers, such as Ron Arad and Tom Dixon.

A multimedia festival, dubbed onedotzero-nippon 2004–moving image festival, will feature award-winning motion graphic design, animation and short films. In Stylish Britain Seminar, scheduled for Oct. 7 at Roppongi Hills in Roppongi, Tokyo, Sir Terence Conran will talk about British design and his expectations for young designers in his country.

For more information on the event, visit (DAILY YOMIURI)

Art Events

Japan Avantgarde

If you happen to be in Shibuya before the end of the month, stop by the Parco Logos Gallery to have a look at the “Japan Avantgarde” posters they now have on display. I quite liked what I saw.

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Momus Back in Tokyo


Momus will be back in Japan this September, and he’ll be playing a few shows. You can get more info on his Shimokitazawa show at Click Opera, but here’s how he describes his Pin Pin Tour:

Following the Tokyo show, there will be a mini-tour of Japan in September, The Pin Pin Tour, together with Robert Duckworth. (The name Pin Pin is a reference to Shobo Shobo, because shobo shobo means running out of energy, and pin pin means the opposite: becoming ever more zingy and chipper.) Dates so far confirmed include an appearance at Soap Gallery, Fukuoka, Kyushu on September 19th, with shows in Nagoya and Tokyo to be announced soon. (News just in: Robert says there’ll be a Pin Pin event in Tokyo Meguro and also one at Tokyo Geijyutsu Daigaku in Toride — the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. And he says be careful not to call it the Bin Bin Tour, since that’s the ‘sound’ of the male member springing to attention first thing in the morning. Wow, the Japanese really have onomatopenis for everything!)