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  • Who Am I?

    At work I produce a weekly newsletter for our team (we’re over 300, with the majority in Montreal, but with a few satellite groupings around the world) that’s meant to be a fun, social update on what’s going on within the team. I do it because I like the exercise of producing it each week…

  • Sayaka Ishiyama

    State of Tokyo has a new interview up, this time with manga creator Sayaka Ishiyama. As with all the pieces that go up on the site, it’s photo heavy, and gives you a nice look at Ishiyama-san working on her illustrations.

  • Working in Anime

    Kotaku has a great interview up with Tokyo-based Thomas Romain, a French person who has been working in the Japanese anime industry for over a decade, and who shares his experience. As we all know by now, it’s a tough industry to make a living in (low pay, long hours) — and the interview reflects…

  • Breakfast With David

    Here’s a great interview with David — with a nice layout as well — done over breakfast at Aoyama Ichibankan.

  • When Localization Changed

    USgamer posted a great interview with my buddy Rich Amtower, as well as Alexander O. Smith, about their experience localizing Vagrant Story, a game that changed, well, the game of how seriously localization was — and should be — taken.

  • The Boundary Between Kogei and Design

    That’s the name of an exhibition taking place at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (until March 20), curated by Naoto Fukasawa (one of my favorite designers, and I still think the Neon is the best mobile phone I’ve owned). The Japan Times interviews him about the show, which compares modern design to crafts.

  • Timely Nintendo

    Time went a bit nuts this week with great Nintendo coverage, starting with an interview with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kishima, an interview with Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi (with lots of fun Wave Race trivia, a game I constantly wish would get updated), and this piece about the Switch. And for a bit of fun, there’s…

  • Kojima Productions, in Shinagawa

    Kojima Productions now has its very own slick home in the Shinagawa part of Tokyo, and it recently shared a gallery of photos that show off the new digs (which I came across through this Kotaku post). IGN has posted a 5-minute video featuring interviews with Kojima and key staff talking about the studio, and how it all…

  • Miyamoto on Game Design

    Great little video produced by Vox interviewing Shigeru Miyamoto about game design, and also giving a bit of history on his start.

  • An Interview with George Kamitani

    James is at it again with yet another great interview for Glixel with one of Japan’s top game creators, this time Vanillaware‘s George Kamitani. Reading it, I’m suddenly in the mood to play Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa on my Vita again.