Tag: Keiji Ashizawa

  • Tohoku Standard

    Spoon & Tamago takes a look at the beautiful Tohoku Standard shop, located inside the PARCO2 department store in Sendai. It was designed by my buddy Keiji Ashizawa, part of his Ishinomaki Laboratory project.

  • PROTOTYPE 03 Opening Party

    Just a reminder that the opening party for the “PROTOTYPE 03” exhibition happens tomorrow night (November 12, 19:00-22:00) at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub — for more details see my previous post. You’ll definitely want to catch this.


    I’m very happy to note that the PROTOTYPE exhibition series — originally conceived by Keiji Ashizawa — is back this year for a third edition. “PROTOTYPE 03” will be held at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, November 13-24, with the opening party — which you won’t want to miss, I know I won’t — happening…

  • Keiji Ashizawa’s Drawer Shelf

    I’m a bit surprised I missed this, but Keiji Ashizawa this year developed a drawer/shelf combo unit appropriately called Drawer Shelf. It’s also featured in the current issue of Wallpaper, as part of the “Fab 40” for Japan survey.