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Borderless Cafe

Borderless Cafe is another site to add to your “Tokyo Cafe Hunting” folder — come on, we all have one, right? I especially like the posts under the “tokoyocoffeescene” tag. Thanks go out to Patrick Benny for the heads-up on this one.

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State of Tokyo

State of Tokyo is a rather nice new site by Alex Abian covering the people and places of Tokyo, with beautiful photography throughout. Looks like it’s going to be fun to follow, with coverage of places like Takeo, a tiny little restaurant in Shibuya that is run in the mornings by the pictured Takeo (in the afternoon, it turns into a different restaurant).

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Visit Tokyo

I don’t know where this image is from — I found it via this tweet — but I like it.

Update: It’s from this “Pixie Says Series” by Zivan Rosic (thanks, Shaun).

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The Renaissance Man

I met my friends Devine and Rekka a few years ago in Tokyo, while they were based there — we first met after a few Twitter exchanges, that led to a “hey, let’s meet up for a beer.” For the past year, they’ve been living a nomadic life on a boat — you can follow all of their adventures through their Hundred Rabbits project/Patreon. Devine posted this great essay today, that I think does a fantastic job of describing what a nomadic life like theirs can be like, and why it may be worth making the plunge.

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Groovisions iMessage Stickers

I have so much love for Groovisions, absolutely my favorite graphic design unit from the 2000s, and not only are they being celebrated right now in Tokyo courtesy of an exhibition at Spiral — which I’d so love to check out — they’ve also released a set of animated stickers for use in iMessage.


Scotland Yard Tokyo

As much as I love playing board games, and played quite a lot of them when I was a kid, I somehow never played Scotland Yard. I know what it’s about though (I think I may even have an iOS version I bought on sale a while back), and I think it’s pretty neat that there’s now a Tokyo version available. More details via Spoon & Tamago.

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Ami Sioux Tokyo 35ºN


I’m very happy to see my ex-OK Fred Radio partners — and current creators of Too Much magazine — release their first book under the Too Much: Romantic Geographic Archive label (a “new book series [that] will focus on archiving individual memory of place, providing invaluable documentation of a world in a state of flux”). The first release, Ami Sioux Tokyo 35ºN, presents itself as an exploration of spaces in Tokyo, curated and shot by Ami Sioux.

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Operation Fateful Encounter


Operation Fateful Encounter” is a new short story set in Tokyo by Hengtee Lim, featuring two illustrations by good ol’ Luis. Found via Canvas.


Canvas Updates Creatives Listings


As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a big fan of the Tokyo creatives community site Canvas, developed by my friend Mark McFarlane — and I daresay that PauseTalk played a small role in inspiring its creation (at least Mark was nice enough to say that). I like regularly going to the “Activity” page to see what projects people are sharing, and now they’ve just done a big redesign of the “Creatives” listing page, making it easier to get a quick taste of what each person does.


Shibuya at Night


The Japan Times has a photo essay up by Tokyo-based photographer Andrew Curry, who gives us his version of Shibuya at night.