Immigration Office

So, as mentioned in Tokyo Boy, I had to go to the new immigration offices in Shinagawa to pick up a multiple re-entry permit. Now, I’ve already written a few times about the hell that is the immigration office in Japan. Even worse is the fact that they’ve now closed all the regional offices (I […]

Ikko Tanaka

I really want to go see the Ikko Tanaka Restrospective taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I believe he’s the one that created the Muji logo, among many other things. Here’s what REALTOKYO says: The first full-scale retrospective of the post-war master designer’s work since his death last year. Tanaka Ikko created dignified […]

Design Cities

I was just at Junkudo, checking out some magazines, and picked up the latest issue of the North American version of SHONEN JUMP. I was in the travel book section and found these absolutely beautiful books that looked at London and Paris (more cities are coming, they mentioned Barcelona and Amsterdam) from a design perspective. […]

Ellis on the Move

On his weblog Die Puny Humans, comic creator Warren Ellis‘ (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, ORBITER, PLANETARY) is talking a lot about mobility of late. Seems he’s looking into getting a picture-enabled mobile phone, and transforming the site into something that reflects the greater mobility and road documentation he wants to exercise. Mentioning this site, it looks like he […]


On Friday of this week I will be participating in a 24 hour global moblog event organised by Raphael Grignani, who runs the moblog Daily Hellsinki. The thing goes from July 4th at 8 am to July 5th at 8 am. The page where the whole thing will appear is still being tested, so I’ll […]


I just got back from the grocery store, our local Seiyu, and picked up some good stuff to eat, including the beer that you see posted in TB. Earlier today I went to Hanamasa (a sort of outlet shop where they sell things in big quantities mostly for restaurants), where I usually pick up meat, […]


I’m planning on ordering the iTrip before I head for my holidays back home in Canada in August. As you can see in the above image, it slides on the top of your iPod, and then lets you transmit music through any FM radio. I want this so that I can listen to some good […]

Isaac Adamson

Has anyone read one of Isaac Adamson’s novels? He has a new one out, called DREAMING PACHINKO (after TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH and HOKKAIDO POPSICLE), which I’m thinking of ordering. I’ve read at least two reviews of his books in TIME ASIA (the most recent one appearing a few weeks ago), and they were both positive, describing […]


The Kung-Log program is actually quite nice. For one thing, it lets you have a bigger space to write your entries. Even better, you write everything offline (yes, I have a permanent fiber optic connection to the Internet, but still) and are able to save all the things you write as drafts, which you can […]