Yoko Tsuno

yokoOne of the things that I’m really enjoying while being back in Canada is re-reading my BDs (French comics). One of my favorites has always been Roger Leloup’s YOKO TSUNO series, which tells the story of a Japanese expert in electronics living in France, but going on adventures pretty much everywhere (including other planets). Leloup started out his career doing backgrounds for Herge (of TINTIN fame), and so his art has always shown very realistic and exact (and he also gets to play in the sci-fi world when he sends Yoko to other distant galaxies to meet up with the Vineans).

9782800129488-VI’ve been reading these books since I was in elementary school, and I still get a kick out of re-reading them every once in a while. As I’m going through the whole series (21 albums), I’m also waiting for the two new albums that were released during the time I was away to arrive in the mail (ordered on the Internet because there are no good French bookstores in Moncton).