The holidays just keep on going, but they’re going fast. Only one more week until I leave for another epic overseas flight, which I’m not really excited about (yeah, there’s the airport stuff that I’m not looking forward to, but there’s also that the movie selection for the flight back seemed lame). With everything I’ve been eating, I was certain I’d have gained a few extra kilos, but I just weighed myself and I seem to be keeping steady. I am starting to cut down on all the eating, and drinking a lot of water again (you can only drink so much root beer until you’ve had enough).

For fans of Momus, yes, his site is down, but hopefully it’ll be back up in the near future on a new host, and therefore probably at a new address. I’ll link to the site when it’s back up at its new digs.

Seems like August temperatures in Tokyo are totally wacked this year. I was looking forward to the escape from the city, because in past years the heat and humidity were torture, but this year the rainy season doesn’t seem to want to end, and typhoons have come a month earlier than usual. I’m just afraid that the real Summer is just being pushed back, and that it’ll hit us when we get back. Can’t wait for Fall, my favorite season (also can’t wait for the Fall seasonal beers to appear).

Still playing loads of GTA3, which I can’t get enough of. Damn fine game, and a shame that I only get to play it for a few more days. I really hope the Japanese version coming out next month will keep the English dialogue and just add Japanese subtitles.

I’m going to be missing a free Cubismo Grafico gig at Shinjuku’s Tower Records on Saturday. Patrick will be there though, and I imagine he’ll have a bunch of pics from the event on his blog the next day. It would be nice to see Chabe in action again.

As for the album of the holidays, it’s probably been NOMOTO Karia’s THE GIRL FROM R.E.A.D.Y.M.A.D.E, a great little EP that was produced by Konishi-san, and is probably the next best thing to getting a new Pizzicato Five album. Two good covers (one of them an even better version of the P5 classic “Wild Strawberries”) and a few other groovy songs that are perfect for driving.