No Pics

The reason I haven’t put up any new pics this week is that I haven’t been out to take pics in a while now, and for that I apologize. Just haven’t had the inspiration.

Oh! Mikey 3

Patrick came over for a visit tonight, and he brought over his copy of the 3rd DVD in the OH! MIKEY series. I can tell you that the third one is indeed hilarious, and much better than the weaker second volume. Lots of priceless sketches, and we finally get to meet the twins’ mother (and […]

Top Searches in September

It’s the end of the month, so time again to check out the top 20 search strings that lead here. 1. platonic chain – Something I had barely mentioned once (and I’ve never watched the show again) gets the top rank. There really must be nothing in English about this show on the web. 2. […]

Microcinema DVDs

In the post I wrote yesterday about the different film festivals taking place in Tokyo, I mentioned that my priority was with the Resfest since most of the things shown there (i.e. shorts) tend to be harder to see anywhere else. Well, seems like a company called Microcinema International is making it much easier to […]

Shinyuri Film Festival 2003

Add another film festival to the list. The Shinyuri Film Festival, taking place next week, looks quite interesting, but it doesn’t seem like any of the films will be getting English subtitles. Here’s more info from this week’s issue of METROPOLIS: With the Tokyo International Film Festival beleaguered by falling budgets and the unwillingness of […]

Taking Notes

When I go to Junkudo (the big bookstore near my apartment) to check out magazines, I always bring along my notebook/agenda in order to take notes on things that I want to further explore. I just came back from one of those “research sessions,” and I thought I’d share my notes with you. The comments […]

Tokyo Film Festivals

Film festival time is coming up in Tokyo, and I still can’t understand why they put all the big film festivals in the same month (November) every year, which means that I can’t really afford to go to all of them. First up is the Tokyo International Film Festival (November 1-9), which is the one […]