Last night I picked up my ticket for next weekend’s Resfest (the Japanese site has ticket info for Tokyo, the schedule can be found at the English site), taking place at Laforet in Harajuku (like every year). I got a day pass for Sunday (the 23rd), which gives me a chance to see my favorite program, BY DESIGN. I basically had a choice between Sunday and Monday, but even though Monday is a public holiday, I have to work (it’s a scheduling thing, I usually have public holidays off). It suits me fine though as I get to see the BY DESIGN program, as well as the Michel Gondry retrospective, the 3rd shorts program, and RESMIX Electronica. Even better is the fact that the talkshow scheduled for that day is with Johnny Hardstaff, creator of my favorite shorts of the past years. He’s behind this year’s Resfest identity, and he’ll be talking about its development.