These are the fukubukuro that will be on sale at Franc Franc on January 2. The fukubukuro, or suprise bags, are a big deal here, and every store sells out of them at the beginning of the year. I personally think it’s a lame deal, as you don’t know what you’re going to get, so […]

Gyudon in Danger!

Unbelievable, but gyudon chain Yoshinoya might have to stop selling gyudon (bowls of stewed beef on rice) because of the US Mad Cow situation. Seems like they only have stock for another month, and after that they’ll have to change the menu. This is like McDonald’s having to stop selling hamburgers. Here’s a Kyodo News […]


The inside of the ramen shop near Ebisu station that I went to a few days ago. I called it Kyujukyu, but the actual reading of the kanji used is Tsukumo. The specialty is a cheese ramen, but even the regular shouyu ramen is quite tasty. It had a slight fish flavor, but not as […]

Battle Royale 2

After a long wait, I finally had a chance to see BATTLE ROYALE 2 yesterday (it just came out on DVD here in Japan). Although I can’t say that I much cared for the ending, the first half of the film is truly excellent. I like how they’ve managed to do a nice update of […]


As you’ve seen in my Tokyo Boy moblog, I got a new mobile phone yesterday, the beautiful A4503CA. It just came out (and it’s the first time I buy a fresh new model, usually buying older models when they get dirt cheap), and I first heard about it from Paul, who got the same model. […]

Axis 107

Picked up the new issue of AXIS yesterday, hot off the press. The main feature this issue is car design, and although it’s not something I care that much for, I’m sure it’ll bring up some interesting things to consider in any type of design work. This issue also feels thicker than usual, clocking in […]