As you’ve seen in my Tokyo Boy moblog, I got a new mobile phone yesterday, the beautiful A4503CA. It just came out (and it’s the first time I buy a fresh new model, usually buying older models when they get dirt cheap), and I first heard about it from Paul, who got the same model. It’s main claim to fame (and the reason I absolutely wanted it) is that it can take pics at a whopping 2 megapixels, which is the same quality as my DiMAGE X digital camera. This will make it so much easier for me to take snaps when I’m out and about for TB.Grafico. Even at lower resolutions and sizes (like what I use for the moblog), you should notice clearer pics. I think I might also start moblogging at larger sizes, which I’ll put in the main feed. I’m still playing around with the phone, trying to learn all of its features (the manuals are Japanese only), but from what I’ve seen I’m already very satisfied with it. And I’m also playing loads of ARKANOID on a beautiful high-res screen! The following site has more pics of the phone.