As mentioned the other day, this week I want to talk about some recent Japanese releases that I’ve been listening to. I’ll start things off with a record that for me seems to have become this year’s Spring album, Jazztronik’s NANAIRO. Jazztronik is Nozaki Ryota, and what he does is jazz electronica. I’ve never actually listened to Jazztronik before, and actually kept getting it confused with Jazzanova, but I got a chance to listen to this latest album and it got a hold of me. You know when an album comes along at a certain time of the year, and it just seems to go well with what’s happening around you, and you then start to associate it with that? Well, that’s what happened with this record. It’s actually a lot more dance/pop than what I usually listen to, but I think it just came along at a time, with the nice weather arriving, that made it perfect for iPod outings. It might not be for everyone, but I find that it’s making my rides to work a bit more pleasant.