Yukari Rotten

esc062_80News of what sounds like a change in direction for Yukari Fresh from Patrick: ” Yukari Fresh is back!… and she’s a punk!? She has a new CD single out on 4/14, under the name Yukari Rotten (in tribute to Johnny, apparently), called C.L.I.J.S.T.E.R.S. The single contains two new songs, “C.L.I.J.S.T.E.R.S.” and “Going to Heaven to See the Househunters & Fat Truckers if it Rains.” An album called NOT DEAD (!) will be out in May! The description at Escalator says that the title track is a “fuckin’ burst electro punk tune” and the long-titled one is a “heavenly electro house tune.”

Also: “On 3/24 a new 2-track single by Cubismo Grafico under the name FOGA is coming out. Limited edition with spray painted cover done by Chabe and friends.”