Kiiiiiii Rock Komaba!



This afternoon, after catching a Resfest program in Harajuku, I was off to the Tokyo University Komaba campus to watch a performance by Kiiiiiii — who I’ve been meaning to see for what seems like ages now. Oh man, what a show! I’ve rarely seen that much energy on a stage. The whole Kiiiiiii thing is really something you have to experience live, as listening to their tracks simply does not do them justice. Do yourself a favor and try to see them next time they have a gig. I believe they might do another show somewhere in early December, and I’ll make sure to mention it here as soon as I get more info. Also, they will be participating in an exhibition in mid-December, something called Index #1: Making Worlds, although I’m not quite sure where. For more info on Kiiiiiii, check my previous posts on them.

Update: Marxy has put up a some video shot during the show.