Shorts #02

I didn’t wake up early enough to catch the RESMIX Korea program this morning, but I made it to Shorts #02, and really enjoyed a lot of the shorts presented. Stefan Nadelman — director of last year’s great TERMINAL — was on hand after the program to talk about his contribution this year, ONE STEP AHEAD. This short was actually commissioned by Nike for their Art of Speed project, and he talked about this. The panel discussion tomorrow, that I can’t attend because of another engagement, will cover this new growing trend of corporate sponsorship of digital shorts — something that was discussed on this site recently. Some other favorites presented today were John-Paul Harney’s BRAND SPANKING, Duncan Skiles’ SUNDAY, and Jalmari Helander’s RARE EXPORTS INC. (this last one was terrific).

I wasn’t able to make it to anything else today, but tomorrow I should be able to catch RESMIX Shorts — a program with Japan-only contributions. On Tuesday, time permitting (one of my cousins is arriving in town, coming here to try life in Tokyo), I’ll be there for Shorts #03 and the Jonathan Glazer retrospective.